Gamma radiation certainly doesn’t affect Bruce Banner’s paternal ability. Not only does the Incredible Hulk now have a sword-wielding rapidly-grown son named Skaar acting out, but there’s the matter of Hiro-Kala, the long-lost-also-fully-grown twin of Skaar, who happens to have the cosmic-shaking Old Power, took down the planet-eater Galactus, and recently wreaked havoc in the subatomic Microverse.

While Hiro-Kala is poised to deal with his daddy issues in the new Dark Son miniseries, a number of people from the Microverse are out to, er, set some boundaries for the other Son of Hulk. And a few of them might be familiar to fans of Marvel’s old Micronauts series — Commander Rann, Marionette, Bug and more have formed the Enigma Force, and they’re ready to throw down on Hiro-Kala big time.

Scott Reed (The Overman) chronicled Hiro-Kala’s conquest of the Microverse earlier this year, and now he’s back with Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force to tell how Rann and company are poised to take revenge on Hiro-Kala. And there’s some exclusive art from the upcoming second issue to whet your appetite for a Son of Hulk-spankin’.

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