Matt Fraction on CASANOVA

Matt Fraction has risen to become one of the biggest writers at Marvel Comics in the past few years, handling Thor, Iron Man, the X-Men and now Fear Itself. But before all that, he earned acclaim with his creator-owned series Casanova, which returns this September from Marvel’s Icon imprint with Casanova: Avaritia #1. Read the […]

Karre Andrews on ALTITUDE and ASTONISHING X-MEN, Part 2

Our two-part interview with Astonishing X-Men artist Kaare Andrews on his feature film directorial debut, Altitude, concludes today with more exclusive behind-the-scenes art and Andrews thoughts on his…unique interpretation of Emma Frost. Read the full interview here!

Rick Remender on X-FORCE

C2E2: Remender’s New X-FORCE Tries to Prevent An Apocalypse   Among the myriad X-teams, X-Force has always stood for something edgier, whether it’s the Cable-led team of soldiers, the fame-seeking mutant TV stars, or the team of black ops led by Wolverine. This summer, Wolverine will head another all-new X-Force charged with a deadly mission: […]

Kaare Andrews on ASTONISHING X-MEN

Kaare Andrews Draws a New ASTONISHING X-MEN   Marvel’s Astonishing line relaunches and expands in May, 2010 with a new take on Astonishing X-Men with the superstar team of writer Warren Ellis and artist Kaare Andrews.  Andrews, whose dynamic, animation-inspired style has mostly been used in film and TV projects the last few years, took […]

Raina Telegemeier and Dave Roman on X-MEN: MISFITS

Married Co-Creators Talks Marrying X-MEN & MANGA for Del Rey By Zack Smith Two of the most popular things in comics are manga and the X-Men. So why not put them together? Once again, America – we give you what you want.


Barry Lyga on Wolverine: Worst Day Ever By Zack Smith   After years of working at Diamond Comic Distributors, Barry Lyga made a name for himself as a young-adult author with The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, an award-winning novel about a comics fan that features a prominent cameo from Brian Michael Bendis. […]

Interview with Artist Simone Bianchi (WOLVERINE)

SIMONE BIANCHI: WRAPPING UP WOLVERINE by Zack Smith We talked with Simone Bianchi when his run on Marvel’s Wolverine started with issue #50, the first part of a massive storyline with Sabertooth that’s been presented in both color and black and white. With the story about to draw to a close with the much-hyped issue […]