Rick Remender on X-FORCE

C2E2: Remender’s New X-FORCE Tries to Prevent An Apocalypse   Among the myriad X-teams, X-Force has always stood for something edgier, whether it’s the Cable-led team of soldiers, the fame-seeking mutant TV stars, or the team of black ops led by Wolverine. This summer, Wolverine will head another all-new X-Force charged with a deadly mission: […]


Aaron & Kubert Ready to ASTONISH With SPIDER-MAN & WOLVERINE By Zack Smith As announced yesterday, Marvel will relaunch Astonishing X-Men as part of a new “Astonishing” line designed to bring in new readers.  Their first new addition to the line?  A six-issue Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine miniseries.  What’s so astonishing about it?  Well, the […]

Kaare Andrews on ASTONISHING X-MEN

Kaare Andrews Draws a New ASTONISHING X-MEN   Marvel’s Astonishing line relaunches and expands in May, 2010 with a new take on Astonishing X-Men with the superstar team of writer Warren Ellis and artist Kaare Andrews.  Andrews, whose dynamic, animation-inspired style has mostly been used in film and TV projects the last few years, took […]


Barry Lyga on Wolverine: Worst Day Ever By Zack Smith   After years of working at Diamond Comic Distributors, Barry Lyga made a name for himself as a young-adult author with The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, an award-winning novel about a comics fan that features a prominent cameo from Brian Michael Bendis. […]

Marc Guggenheim on RESURRECTION

GUGGENHEIM TALKS RESURRECTION by Zack Smith Imagine that one day, aliens invaded Earth. Nicknamed “The Bugs,” they easily beat back our military forces. For 10 years, our world lived under their occupation. Then, one day, they just left. Now, in the aftermath of an alien invasion, a disparate group of characters are faced with one […]

Interview with Artist Simone Bianchi (WOLVERINE)

SIMONE BIANCHI: WRAPPING UP WOLVERINE by Zack Smith We talked with Simone Bianchi when his run on Marvel’s Wolverine started with issue #50, the first part of a massive storyline with Sabertooth that’s been presented in both color and black and white. With the story about to draw to a close with the much-hyped issue […]