Webcomics: R Stevens on DIESEL SWEETIES

Since 2000, Richard “R” Stevens has brought us the pixilated human-cyber relations of Diesel Sweeties, the tale of Clango Cyclotron, a robot who is as confounded about relations with the opposite sex as most flesh-and-blood males. It doesn’t help that he’s in an on-and-off thing with the equally-complicated Maura (“on-and-off” meaning they broke up, then […]

Webcomics: John Allison on BAD MACHINERY

Today, we head over to merry old England for a chat with the creator of the one of the longest-lived and most popular comics online. John Allison has had one of the longest careers of any webcartoonist, starting in 1998 with the first of his comics set in the fictional English town of Tackleford, Bobbins. […]

Webcomics: Emma Capps on CHAPEL CHRONICLES

Newsarama readers, we would like to warn you – no matter who you are, this next interview is going to make you feel terribly, terribly inadequate. Emma Capps is a relatively new entry to the world of online comics, but she’s already earned high praise from the likes of Scholastic Books and Scott McCloud – […]

Webcomics: Kate Beaton on HARK! A VAGRANT Part Two

Our two-part interview with Kate Beaton, creator of Hark! A Vagrant! concludes today. In this installment, we talk with Beaton about moonlighting at Marvel, the effect of the increased exposure of her work, and a disturbing number of questions about her native Canada. Read on! Read the full interview here!

Webcomics: Doug TenNapel on RATFIST

Doug TenNapel is known to video game fans as the creator of Earthworm Jim, and to comic fans for his bevy of action-and-weirdness-filled graphic novels such as Creature Tech and Ghostopolis. This year, he’s taken his talents online with the daily adventures of Ratfist , a rodent-themed vigilante whose life gets more complicated when his […]

Webcomics: Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover on GINGERBREAD GIRL

Annah Billips may or may not have a sister named Ginger, who may or may not have once been part of Annah’s brain until she was removed by Annah’s dad, who may or may not be a mad scientist. For that matter, Annah may or may not be crazy. What’s the truth? Find out for […]

Webcomics: Mike Norton on BATTLEPUG

  “In the world of Battlepug, a hot tattooed naked chick narrates to a couple of talking puppies epic story of a brave warrior, whose rise to power involves the slaughter of Santa Claus and a harp seal (in fairness, both had it coming). His path will lead him to a giant, drooling pug dog. […]