Jeff Lemire on SWEET TOOTH

Writer/Artist Jeff Lemire discusses his acclaimed Vertigo comic series SWEET TOOTH.

Ian Rankin on DARK ENTIRES, Part Two

Ian Rankin, one of the world’s most popular and acclaimed crime novelists, discusses his first graphic novel, DARK ENTRIES at DC.

P. Craig Russell on Coraline

P. Craig Russell – Adapting Coraline and More By Zack Smith It’s hard to think of a genre that P. Craig Russell hasn’t interpreted in comics. From Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales to Mozart’s operas to Michael Moorecock’s tales of Elric, Russell’s unique combination of prose and pictures has made him one of the most popular […]

Y: The Last Man Tributes with Robert Kirkman, Brad Meltzer and More (LINK FIXED)

TIPPING THE GLASS TO Y: THE LAST MAN by Zack Smith We hope you’ve enjoyed Newsarama’s special longer than a week-long tribute to the final issue of Y: The Last Man. To conclude our look back at the series, we decided to pay tribute to some of the people who helped make the series the […]

Massimo Carnevale and Jose Marzan Jr. on Y: THE LAST MAN

A GOOD-BYE TO Y: MASSIMO CARNEVALE, JOSE MARZAN JR. by Zack Smith Here at Newsarama, we like to go the extra mile. So, when it came time to celebrate the final issue of Y: The Last Man, we decided to not only interview co-creators Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, but to also talk with […]

Brian K. Vaughan on Life after Y: THE LAST MAN (LINK FIXED)

BRIAN K. VAUGHAN: LIFE AFTER Y by Zack Smith Our week-long celebration of Y: The Last Man’s final issue continues today, as we get series writer and co-creator Brian K. Vaughan in for a special “Bonus Round” of questions about life after Y. Vaughan’s got plenty of projects on his plate, from his DC/Wildstorm series […]


GOOD-BYE TO Y: PIA GUERRA by Zack Smith Our celebration of the final issue of Y: The Last Man continues today. Click here and here for our interview with writer and co-creator Brian K. Vaughan. Pia Guerra was virtually unknown as an artist before Y’s release…but that quickly changed. Her work on the book, with […]

Brian K. Vaughan on Y: THE LAST MAN, Part Two (LINK FIXED)

GOOD-BYE TO Y I: BRIAN K VAUGHAN, II by Zack SmithWarning: This interview discusses the death of a major character in the book’s last few issues. If you’re just picking up the trades…you might want to wait before you read this. Part Two of our look back at the series is available here.

Brian K. Vaughan on Y: THE LAST MAN, Part One (LINK FIXED)

GOOD-BYE TO Y I: BRIAN K VAUGHAN, I by Zack Smith In the summer of 2002, a plague of unknown origin destroyed every last sperm, fetus and fully-developed mammal with a Y chromosome…with the apparent exception of one young man and his male pet. Sixty issues later, Vertigo’s acclaimed series Y: THE LAST MAN has […]