Matt Fraction on CASANOVA

Matt Fraction has risen to become one of the biggest writers at Marvel Comics in the past few years, handling Thor, Iron Man, the X-Men and now Fear Itself. But before all that, he earned acclaim with his creator-owned series Casanova, which returns this September from Marvel’s Icon imprint with Casanova: Avaritia #1. Read the […]

THOR Review

Reprinted from yon Independent Weekly Yon director Kenneth Branagh doth keep focus on characters in this adaptation of Marvel Comics’ long-running series of the God of Thunder, though its overstuff’d plot doth keep it from sitting alongside the likes of Iron Man and The Dark Knight in superhero film Valhalla. Chris Hemsworth of Star Trek […]


Forsooth, yon readers of Newsarama! A strange disturbance hath ripp’d the cosmos asunder! This July, there be a new compilation of the classic 1980s Thor run by Walter, Son of Simon…but not from Marvel! Yes, IDW, who doth chronicle the battles of the Warriors of Cybertron and yon 30 Days of Night, art publishing Walter […]

Simone Bianchi on THOR: FOR ASGARD

BIANCHI Channels Frazetta, Tolkien in THOR: FOR ASGARD By Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor posted: 06 August 2010 01:32 pm ET  With a film you may have seen mentioned one or two places on the Internet coming out next year, it’s no surprise that Marvel Comics is bringing out the big guns….or swords…hammer(?)…or the Mighty Thor. […]

Bryan J.L. Glasss on THOR: FIRST THUNDER

Lightning Strikes Twice as THOR’s Origin is Retold By Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor posted: 11 June 2010 02:57 pm ET The God of Thunder is making his presence known in a big way leading up to the new Thor film, and Marvel is introducing his history to a new generation of readers with Thor: First […]

Kelly Sue DeConnick on SIF

Marvel’s SIF: Swordplay & Bloodshed, That’s More Her Speed By Zack Smith Thee hast been warned, Newsarama readers!  The Maiden Sif hath cast out the foul spirit of the trickster Loki from her body, which he did wear as though it were yon suit.  And if thou findest that creepy, imagine how Sif doth feel. […]

Matt Fraction on THOR: AGES OF THUNDER

MATT FRACTION ON THOR: AGES OF THUNDER Matt Fraction has scripted many of Marvel’s hard-hitters with his tough-as-nails scripts for The Immortal Iron Fist, Punisher War Journal and The Order. Now, he gets to kick ass on a mythological scale…with an uru hammer. Yes, it’s Thor: Ages of Thunder, a look back at the God […]