Eric Powell’s The Goon is insane enough. But what happens when he invites Evan Dorkin, creator of Milk and Cheese and Beasts of Burden into his world?

Insanity, duh.

Brave the madness here!


Oh no, there goes Tokyo!  Yes, the King of the Monsters has returned to comics with IDW’s all-new Godzilla: Monster World series in March 2011.  And they’ve got an all-star crew bringing death and destruction – Eric Powell  of The Goon co-writing with Tracy Marsh and doing covers,  Phil Hester on the art, and Alex Ross doing a special incentive cover.

We got up with Powell and Marsh to talk about their reign of terror – and why this is going to be a Godzilla comic worth reading. He even brought some exclusive Phil Hester art along for the ride. Warning – there might be some saucy language in here.

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Writer Tom Sniegowski has a new children’s book series, BILLY HOOTEN: OWLBOY coming out in July.  It features illustrations by Eric Powell (THE GOON).

Interview here.