Things I Did in 2012 That Which Were Cool

Here are some things I wrote and things I did in 2012 that I thought were kind of cool and possibly of interest to people In January, I wrote some more offbeat pieces, such as an interview with literary novelist Michael Malone about his time writing the daytime soap ONE LIFE TO LIVE as that […]


Aaron & Kubert Ready to ASTONISH With SPIDER-MAN & WOLVERINE By Zack Smith As announced yesterday, Marvel will relaunch Astonishing X-Men as part of a new “Astonishing” line designed to bring in new readers.  Their first new addition to the line?  A six-issue Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine miniseries.  What’s so astonishing about it?  Well, the […]

Paul Tobin on the New Marvel Adventures Books

Writer Paul Tobin Ready to Continue MARVEL ADVENTURES By Zack Smith Recent solicitations that Marvel’s all-ages Marvel Adventures books were ending had us concerned.  Like most things this writer worries about, these concerns turned out to be unnecessary and stupid: Marvel is relaunching Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes this March with all-new […]

Peter David on SPIDER-MAN 2099, Part Three

Remembering Spider-Man 2099 With Peter David, III By Zack Smith   Our talk with Peter David looking back at Spider-Man 2099 concludes today, with David exploring how he’d do the 2099 universe today, the non-menace of Bloodaxe, and how, pun intended, his work is sometimes ahead of its time. Read the full interview here!

Peter David on SPIDER-MAN 2099, Part Two

Remembering Spider-Man 2099 With Peter David, II By Zack Smith   Our three-part talk with Peter David about Spider-Man 2099 continues today. In this installment, David explains how several of the series’ loose ends were supposed to resolve, dealing with critics, teaming Spider-Man 2099 up with his modern-day counterpart, an action sequence that repeated itself, […]

Paul Tobin on MODELS, INC.

Making His Marvel’s Models: Paul Tobin on Models, Inc. By Zack Smith   Aside from superheroes, the Marvel Universe has always been a breeding ground for…models. Yes, Patsy Walker and Millie the Model once enjoyed their own long-running books, and that tradition is finally returning in the new miniseries Models, Inc., a four-issue Marvel Universe […]

Colleen Coover on X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and More

A Colleen Coover Catch Up – All Things Marvel and More By Zack Smith posted: 2008-06-11 16:52:00 ET It’s impossible not to smile when you see Colleen Coover’s art. The Portland-based artist, previously known for her adult-oriented series Small Favors and the more kid-friendly Banana Sunday from Oni, has gained a new and massive fan […]