Scott Kurtz on PvP, Part Four

 DECADE OF PVP IV: IMAGE AND THE FUTURE by Zack Smith Click here for Part One, here for Part Two and here for Part Three. Our look back at PvP’s decade-long history finally concludes with a special extra-length chat with creator Scott Kurtz, as he discusses what it’s been like working at Image, branching out […]

Scott Kurtz on PvP, Part Three

by Zack Smith Click here for Part One, and here for Part Two. Our look back at PvP continues with creator Scott Kurtz offering his reminiscences on 10 years of snarky humor, good-hearted trolls, and the occasional panda attack. In this installment, Kurtz looks back at his time doing PvP as a comic through Dork […]

Scott Kurtz on PvP, Part Two

A DECADE OF PVP II: THE UGO YEARS AND JADE by Zack Smith In celebration of PvP’s impending 10th anniversary, we’re talking with creator Scott Kurtz this week about his strip – how it evolved, both on-screen and off, and his personal journey through the last 10 years. Today, Kurtz talks about how he came […]

Scott Kurtz on PvP, Part One

A DECADE OF PVP I: THE BEGINNINGS by Zack SmithFor what started out as an innocent online strip about video games, PvP (aka Player Vs. Player) has proven to be a groundbreaking work in comics. Not only is it a hugely-successful long-running creator-owned humor series, but it’s also one of the most successful webcomics ever. […]