Webcomics: Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover on GINGERBREAD GIRL

Annah Billips may or may not have a sister named Ginger, who may or may not have once been part of Annah’s brain until she was removed by Annah’s dad, who may or may not be a mad scientist. For that matter, Annah may or may not be crazy. What’s the truth? Find out for […]

Paul Tobin on the New Marvel Adventures Books

Writer Paul Tobin Ready to Continue MARVEL ADVENTURES By Zack Smith Recent solicitations that Marvel’s all-ages Marvel Adventures books were ending had us concerned.  Like most things this writer worries about, these concerns turned out to be unnecessary and stupid: Marvel is relaunching Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man and Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes this March with all-new […]

Paul Tobin on MODELS, INC.

Making His Marvel’s Models: Paul Tobin on Models, Inc. By Zack Smith   Aside from superheroes, the Marvel Universe has always been a breeding ground for…models. Yes, Patsy Walker and Millie the Model once enjoyed their own long-running books, and that tradition is finally returning in the new miniseries Models, Inc., a four-issue Marvel Universe […]


Partying with Doom – Tobin on Dr. Doom & the Masters of Evil By Zack Smith Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil #1 ENLARGE IMAGE “Everybody needs somebody sometime,” goes the classic song. And perhaps that’s true for supervillains as well. But what happens when Dr. Doom, the armored monarch of Latveria, decides to […]

Colleen Coover on X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and More

A Colleen Coover Catch Up – All Things Marvel and More By Zack Smith posted: 2008-06-11 16:52:00 ET It’s impossible not to smile when you see Colleen Coover’s art. The Portland-based artist, previously known for her adult-oriented series Small Favors and the more kid-friendly Banana Sunday from Oni, has gained a new and massive fan […]


PAUL TOBIN ON MARVEL ADVENTURES: SUPER-HEROES by Zack Smith The all-ages Marvel Adventures line has brought forth some of Marvel’s most fun and acclaimed books, and Paul Tobin is one of the line’s up-and-coming stars. Tobin, who did the Oni Press miniseries Banana Sunday with his wife, X-Men: First Class backup artist Colleen Coover, has […]