Mike Allred on MADMAN

MIKE ALLRED ON THE MADMAN TO COME by Zack Smith We spoke to Mike Allred last fall at the launch of his “Madman in Space” storyline from Image’s Madman Atomic Comics, which just concluded last week with issue #7. If you’ve been reading (SPOILER ALERT) you now know that Madman’s longtime girlfriend Joe has been […]


MIKE ALLRED TALKS REVIVING STARDUST FOR THE NEXT ISSUE PROJECT by Zack Smith The Golden Age of Comics created such characters as Superman, Batman and Captain America…and hundreds if not thousands of other characters of all genres who filled out the 64-page books of the time. While some are still around today, many were gone […]

Mike Allred on Madman, Pt.2

TALKING TO MIKE ALLRED II: THE MOVIE, OTHER WORK, AND THE FUTURE by Zack Smith Click here for Part One. Newsarama: Mike, there’s a new Madman figure out from Marvel Toys. You had a figure out from Graphitti in the 1990s, but this one is getting a much wider distribution. How’s it feel to see […]

Mike Allred on Madman, Pt.1

TALKING TO MIKE ALLRED I: THE CAREER, MARVEL, & MORE by Zack SmithMike Allred was one of the major creator-owned success stories of the 1990s with his Harvey-winning creation Madman. Though it’s been a while since Madman graced comic shelves, Allred has stayed busy with such projects as X-Force/X-Statix at Marvel, and such creator-owned books […]