Matt Fraction on CASANOVA

Matt Fraction has risen to become one of the biggest writers at Marvel Comics in the past few years, handling Thor, Iron Man, the X-Men and now Fear Itself. But before all that, he earned acclaim with his creator-owned series Casanova, which returns this September from Marvel’s Icon imprint with Casanova: Avaritia #1. Read the […]

Dustin Harbin on DHARBIN

In the last year, Dustin Harbin has earned acclaim for hand-lettering every issue of the reissue of Matt Fraction’s creator-owned series Casanova, which he’ll continue into the new series. But he’s also been doing a variety of hilarious and insightful comic of his own, chronicled on his daily site Harbin was previously known among […]

Matt Fraction on THOR: AGES OF THUNDER

MATT FRACTION ON THOR: AGES OF THUNDER Matt Fraction has scripted many of Marvel’s hard-hitters with his tough-as-nails scripts for The Immortal Iron Fist, Punisher War Journal and The Order. Now, he gets to kick ass on a mythological scale…with an uru hammer. Yes, it’s Thor: Ages of Thunder, a look back at the God […]