Things I Did in 2012 That Which Were Cool

Here are some things I wrote and things I did in 2012 that I thought were kind of cool and possibly of interest to people In January, I wrote some more offbeat pieces, such as an interview with literary novelist Michael Malone about his time writing the daytime soap ONE LIFE TO LIVE as that […]

Captain Marvel Oral History with New Art by DAVE DORMAN!

The Monster Society of Evil!  Black Adam!  Litigation! It’s all here in the latest part of our oral history!  Read here!

Captain Marvel Oral History with PAUL CHADWICK!

Our trip through the 1940s continues as Captain Marvel gets joined by Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel! Read the full story (recently featured on BoingBoing!) here!

The History of Captain Marvel: The Fawcett Years, Part One

Beginning a super-sized tribute to the World’s Mightiest Mortal, with ALL-NEW interviews with Chip Kidd, Jeff Smith, Alex Ross, Mark Waid and more!  Shazam! Read the first part here!

Peter Krause on IRREDEEMABLE

Peter Krause on ‘Irredeemable’ By Zack Smith posted: 11 February 2009 11:13 am ET   Irredeemable, BOOM! Studios’ upcoming series about a superhero who becomes a supervillain, has earned a lot of pre-publication buzz with its viral website and praise from creators like Grant Morrison. We recently spoke with the book’s creator, Mark Waid, […]


Is Mark Waid evil? Well, on the Internet, no writer’s reputation goes unchallenged. But it seemed particularly suspect when the website recently popped up online. After all, the veteran writer’s best-known for such upbeat superhero books as The Flash, Fantastic Four and his current work on such books as Amazing Spider-Man and The Incredibles. […]


Mark Waid: Bringing The Incredibles to Comics By Zack Smith   Pixar’s Oscar-winning animated film The Incredibles is widely considered one of the best superhero movies ever made…and Mark Waid is widely considered one of the best superhero writers in comics. That in mind, it’s only natural that Waid be the one to bring the […]

Mike Wieringo

AUGUST 22, 2007 The untimely death of Durham artist Mike Wieringo A fantasist’s last sketch BY ZACK SMITH Mike Wieringo at the 2006 Heroes Con in Charlotte Photo by Donna Nolen-Weathington On Aug. 10, Durham-based comic book artist Mike Wieringo updated his Web site,, with a detailed sketch of Jarek, the hero of his […]