EVERY SINGLE Pop Candy USATODAY.com Post from My Second Week!

Hey guys — just had a great week subbing again for Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy!  Here’s all the posts I did in once easy-to-find place, day by day! Monday: Early Buzz! Special Guest Essay by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Charles Brownstein! Gift Suggestions from Mondo’s Justin Ishmael, The Four Horsemen, and Mark […]

Javier Grillo-Marxuach on THE MIDDLEMAN, Part One

By Zack Smith Javier Grillo-Marxuach has enjoyed a lot of success as a writer in Hollywood, working on such shows as Lost, Medium and many other sci-fi and fantasy shows (seriously. It’s a lot.). Now, he’s getting to do his own show…and he owes it in part to comic books. For several years, readers have […]

Marc Guggenheim on RESURRECTION

GUGGENHEIM TALKS RESURRECTION by Zack Smith Imagine that one day, aliens invaded Earth. Nicknamed “The Bugs,” they easily beat back our military forces. For 10 years, our world lived under their occupation. Then, one day, they just left. Now, in the aftermath of an alien invasion, a disparate group of characters are faced with one […]