The good news is Judd Apatow can produce more than just films about overgrown man-children whining and cracking middle-school jokes. The bad news is that this vehicle for Saturday Night Live‘s Kristin Wiig (who co-wrote the script), merely transfers the whining and gross-out humor to the opposite sex. Wiig plays a broke and depressed ex-baker […]


 I got to talk with the talented actor and creator for Newsarama about his different projects and love of comics.  Here’s a sample of our conversation: NRAMA: What are some highlights of your collection? CD: I recently got the Morrison New X-Men Omnibus. I had all the single issues, but it’s great to have them […]


Superbad drops tons of F bombs, but has heart Seth and Evan go to the mini-mart BY ZACK SMITH Superbad is a hard-R teen comedy that contains no nudity, no intense violence, and sexual situations that would be considered tame by the standards of basic cable. The R comes from the language, an almost non-stop […]

Things I Have Written Recently

This is the first post of my new work blog.  More pages, with graphics and my resume and various old writings will be up late.  Here are links to some of my most recent articles: Newsarama: Nick Bertozzi on THE SALON and HOUDINI: THE HANDCUFF KING Jeffrey Brown on THE INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS Harlan Ellison on […]