Catch-Up: Recent Articles!

Though I’ve had a number of big pieces the last few months, I haven’t taken the time to update them here!  Let’s rectify that. Here’s some of my best pieces from the last few months. Here is a two-part interview with Jim Starlin on his run on Marvel’s WARLOCK — including his creations Drax, Gamora […]

Best Articles of 2013 Compilation

Here are the most best things I wrote this past year.  I think this averages out to one great piece per week.  I am pleased by this. COMIC BOOKS The Strange History of Marvel Comics’ ULTIMATE ADVENTURES with Hawk-Owl and Woody Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy, Pt.1 Milligan and McCarthy, Pt.2 Jeffrey Brown on VADER’S […]

Jonathan Hickman on DARK REIGN: FF and SECRET WARRIORS

Jonathan Hickman – Secret Warriors, the FF and More By Zack Smith   Jonathan Hickman is one of the success stories of the last few years, starting with his acclaimed Image series The Nightly News and continuing through such works as A Red Mass for Mars, Transhuman and Pax Romana. His work brought him to […]

Jonthan Hickman on PAX ROMANA and A RED MASS FOR MARS

TALKING TO JONATHAN HICKMAN – PAX ROMANA & A RED MASS FOR MARS Jonathan Hickman’s Image miniseries The Nightly News established the writer/artist as a talent to watch, earning raves from the likes of Brian Michael Bendis and Brad Meltzer. Now he’s back with not one but two new projects from Image Pax Romana and […]