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It’s Raining Supernatural Cats & Dogs at Dark Horse

By Zack Smith

Dark Horse Comics is known for their fan-favorite supernatural books, from the over-the-top zombie-whupping of The Goon to the world-threatening menaces battled by Hellboy and the B.P.R.D..  But these supernatural heroes aren’t exactly into two-fisted action…in fact, they don’t even have fists.

Though best-known for such raucous comedy books as Dork! and Milk and Cheese, Evan Dorkin revealed a scarier side to his oeuvre in the award-winning short story “Stray” with Jill Thompson.  That tale of pets solving a supernatural mystery led to a series of follow-ups within anthologies, and now the new four-issue miniseries Beasts of Burden.  Each self-contained issue leads the animals of Burden into a new mystical mystery full of murders, monsters, mayhem and menace.  And if you haven’t read the original short stories, they’re online on Dark Horse’s website.

We got Dorkin on the phone to explain this tale of paranormal pets to us.  The highlights of our conversation follow, touching on everything from death in comics to his collaboration to Jill Thompson to why, despite appearances, this is not an all ages-book.


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