My continuing tendency to get distracted and work on things not posted online means that I haven’t updated in a spell. Let’s rectify that with some of the better articles I’ve done over the last couple of months.

Kenny Caperton built an exact replica of the famous Michael Myers house from the movie Halloween in Hillsborough.

As I’m posting this on Halloween, here’s an article I wrote about some crazy haunted house events in North Carolina. You can read it here.


And here’s an article I did on The Little Leviathan, a local oddiites shop that sells odd antiques, custom prop items (they’ve worked on TV’s SLEEPY HOLLOW) and much more you .You can read about their twisted world here.

If you’re enjoying GOTHAM on Fox, I wrote an extensive essay on BRUCE WAYNE, a previous attempt at doing a Batman prequel story for television by the screenwriter of THE IRON GIANT, that actually wound up inspiring a completely different superhero TV show. You can read about it here.

Or if you’re enjoying NBC’s romantic sitcom A TO Z, here’s an interview I did with creator Ben Queen, where he reveals himself to be a major fanboy. You can read it here.

I did a series of interviews counting down to the Small Press Expo (SPX) in September, each an in-depth talk with a different independent creator.

Celine Loup on HONEY

Emily Carroll on THROUGH THE WOODS

Farel Dalrymple on THE WRENCHIES

Jules Feiffer on KILL MY MOTHER

Eleanor Davis on HOW TO BE HAPPY


This is a piece I did with writer/artist Scott Shaw on Captain Carrot, who appears in the new DC miniseries MULTIVERSITY and has a cult following from his 1980s appearances. You can read it here.

Speaking of the 1980s, here’s an interview I did with Brian Froud, designer of THE DARK CRYSTAL and LABYRINTH, on his new book FAERIES’ TALES. You can read it here.


And speaking of SF and fantasy, here’s an interview I did with my friend Samuel Montgomery-Blinn on his magazine BULL SPEC. You can read it here.

I talked to Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, creators of the podcast THE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR, about their two new ongoing titles at Image Comics based on the show, SPARKS NEVADA and BEYOND BELIEF. You can read the interview here.

So and So Books makes its mark

Here’s a look I did at local Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill independent bookstores and how they’re doing.  You can read the full piece here.

And finally: I followed up my in-character interview with Cartoon Network’s Lumpy Space Princess with an in-depth talk with REGULAR SHOW star Muscle Man. Read the madness here.


Antony Johnston lights THE FUSE at Image Comics

by Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor
Date: 03 January 2014 Time: 12:00 PM ET
CREDIT: Image Comics

Antony Johnston is no stranger to scifi worlds with his long-running post-apocalpytic series Wasteland at Oni. Now, the prolific creator is headed offworld with The Fuse, a new SF series from Image Comics, where he also recently launched the fantasy Umbral.

The Fuse, which launches this February, is a crime comic with a SF twist…specifically the setting, one that hasn’t really been depicted in comics before and allows for all manner of unique stories. We got the goods on The Fuse from Johnston, along with some preview art.

Mobsters, Aliens & Vampires Occupy the Same TURF in April

By Zack Smith

 Jonathan Ross is one of the UK’s top media personalities – and one of its top comic book fans. Tommy Lee Edwards is a fan-favorite U.S. comic artist who’s become an increasingly in-demand presence behind the scenes of major motion pictures. So when these two get together to do a comic book, it’s no surprise that it has gangsters, vampires and aliens.

Read the full interview here!

Indie Hit CHEW Takes a Bite Out of the Comics Market

By Zack Smith
posted: 22 December 2009 03:08 pm ET

One of the surprise hits of 2009 was Chew, the new crime/SF/comedy/action/horror/misc. series from Image Comics.  Since its debut earlier this year, Chew has gone through multiple reprints of its early issues, been promoted in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead and blown away comic fans with its offbeat take on…well, everything.
So what is Chew?  Well, let’s start with the hero, Tony Chu, who happens to be a cibopath, someone who gets a psychic impression from everything he eats (except beets).  This makes solving murders a cinch…if you don’t mind snacking down on a corpse.

Read an interview with the creators of this offbeat hit here!

Image, Marvel, Dark Horse: A Comics Renaissance Man

By Zack Smith

A year ago, Jim Rugg was almost ready to leave comics.  Now, he’s doing books with the likes of Courtney Taylor and Felicia Day.

Going ‘Underground’ With Parker & Lieber


By Zack Smith


Jeff Parker and Steve Lieber are long-time studio mates at Periscope Studios in Portland, but while they’ve had their share of acclaimed books, they’ve never done a full-on project together. All that changes in August, when Image releases the first issue of Underground, a five-issue limited series (incorrectly solicited as four issues) that takes readers on a dangerous adventure beneath the mountains of Kentucky. We got Parker and Lieber together for an exclusive first look at the limited series, and to ask them a variety of stupid questions about caves. Insanity followed.

 Read the full interview here!

Pug, T. Runt!, and More: A Derek McCulloch Primer

By Zack Smith

Derek McCulloch is a name you’ll be hearing a lot from in the near future. The writer, who made a splash with the acclaimed Stagger Lee, has two new projects coming out from Image this June – Pug, a tale a boxer on the ropes, and the kid-oriented T. Runt!. He’s also got a number of gestating projects gathering buzz, including the long-awaited Displaced Persons with Rantz Hoseley and Gone to Amerikay with Colleen Doran at Vertigo. We chatted with McCulloch about his two vastly different books, and what we can expect from him in the future.

Read the full interview here!