My Best Articles Catch-Up Compilation

My continuing tendency to get distracted and work on things not posted online means that I haven’t updated in a spell. Let’s rectify that with some of the better articles I’ve done over the last couple of months. As I’m posting this on Halloween, here’s an article I wrote about some crazy haunted house events […]

Antony Johnston on THE FUSE

COMICS Antony Johnston lights THE FUSE at Image Comics by Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor Date: 03 January 2014 Time: 12:00 PM ET CREDIT: Image Comics View full size image Antony Johnston is no stranger to scifi worlds with his long-running post-apocalpytic series Wasteland at Oni. Now, the prolific creator is headed offworld with The Fuse, a new SF […]

Jim Rugg on AFRODISIAC, ONE MODEL NATION, THE GUILD with Felicia Day and More

Image, Marvel, Dark Horse: A Comics Renaissance Man By Zack Smith A year ago, Jim Rugg was almost ready to leave comics.  Now, he’s doing books with the likes of Courtney Taylor and Felicia Day. Read his story here!


By Zack Smith  Writer, inker and filmmaker Howard W. Shum is about to take readers on a trip to the far reaches of the universe. The man who combined 1930s pulp adventure, Hong Kong action and outright madness in Gun Fu is back with Hyperkinetic, a new SF/comedy miniseries from Image about four ass-kicking girls […]

Rantz Hoseley on VIX!

MEETING VIX – TALKING TO HOSELEY AND HUMPHRIES by Zack Smith This June, get ready to meet Vix! This superpowered teen with a twist makes her debut from Image Comics, courtesy of creators Rantz Hoseley and Matthew Humphries. The Vix! team got together with us to explain what Vix! is all about. Full Interview Here!

Mark Andrew Smith on KILL ALL PARENTS

MARK ANDREW SMITH ON KILL ALL PARENTS by Zack Smith From the world-wide rocking of The Amazing Joy Buzzards to the deep blue journeys of Aqua Leung, Mark Andrew Smith isn’t afraid to deal with extreme ideas. His latest work is a one-shot from Image that deals with the perfect way to create a new […]