Catch-Up: Recent Articles!

Though I’ve had a number of big pieces the last few months, I haven’t taken the time to update them here!  Let’s rectify that. Here’s some of my best pieces from the last few months. Here is a two-part interview with Jim Starlin on his run on Marvel’s WARLOCK — including his creations Drax, Gamora […]


Scioli’s Ultimate 80s Team-Up: TRANSFORMERS / G.I. JOE by Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor Date: 09 January 2014 Time: 11:00 AM ET CREDIT: IDW View full size image We’ll be blunt: We love ‘80s cartoons. We love the insane Kirby-style riffs of writer/artist Tom Scioli (Gødland, American Barbarian). So when we found out Scioli was going […]


In 1991, Duke Nukem blew video game fans away with the first in a series of increasingly-politically-incorrect shoot-em-ups that pitted the viewer against the likes of Octobrains, Pigcops, and the limits of good taste. Now he’s set to return in the long-delayed sequel Duke Nukem Forever which will come out this summer, really, honestly, we […]

Eric Powell and Tracy Marsh on GODZILLA from IDW

Oh no, there goes Tokyo!  Yes, the King of the Monsters has returned to comics with IDW’s all-new Godzilla: Monster World series in March 2011.  And they’ve got an all-star crew bringing death and destruction – Eric Powell  of The Goon co-writing with Tracy Marsh and doing covers,  Phil Hester on the art, and Alex […]


He May Write TV, but JOHN ROGERS is Really Just a D&D Nerd By Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor posted: 16 September 2010 03:07 pm ET Dungeons & Dragons comics have been around since the 1980s, but IDW’s new take on the classic role-playing game looks to take the series to a whole new level with […]

Jack Kent’s KING AROO at IDW

IDW Adds KING AROO To Its Library of American Comics By Zack Smith  Though it’s not one of the best-known American comic strips, Jack Kent’s King Aroo is regarded as a classic by those who’ve had a chance to read it. Now, a comprehensive collection of the strip is finally available after almost six decades […]

Bob Schreck on Moving to IDW

SDCC 09 EXCLUSIVE: Bob Schreck Speaks on Move to IDW By Zack Smith Later today at Comic-Con International: San Diego, longtime industry stalwart Bob Schreck will be officially announced as a new Senior Editor at IDW. Previously known for his work as Senior Group Editor at Dark Horse and founding Oni Press along with a […]


The Starstruck Chronicles III, Xandau and Looking Ahead By Zack Smith Starstruck #2, page 20  ENLARGE IMAGE Our interview with the creators of IDW’s Starstruck re-presentation concludes today, with a look at what it took to bring this new series to readers, and what its return means to the creators. Read the full interview here!


The Starstruck Chronicles II: Helping Gene Colan By Zack Smith Starstruck #1, page 1  ENLARGE IMAGE Our three-part interview with the creators of IDW’s Starstruck continues today, with a look at the staged reading of the original play to help comics legend Gene Colan, a look at the new material in IDW’s reprints, and more. […]