Best Articles of 2013 Compilation

Here are the most best things I wrote this past year.  I think this averages out to one great piece per week.  I am pleased by this. COMIC BOOKS The Strange History of Marvel Comics’ ULTIMATE ADVENTURES with Hawk-Owl and Woody Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy, Pt.1 Milligan and McCarthy, Pt.2 Jeffrey Brown on VADER’S […]


BEOWULF—This CGI version of the English 101 mainstay offers a Faustian update on the classic tale of a warrior (Ray Winstone) battling the monster Grendel (Crispin Glover at his most manic) and his mother (interpreted as a naked, 3-D Angelina Jolie). Director Robert Zemeckis has improved the quality of his motion-capture filmmaking since the creepiness […]