Marc Guggenheim on NO ORDINARY FAMILY

SDCC 2010: Guggenheim Helps NO ORDINARY FAMILY Find A Start By Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor Text Size: This fall, a new super-powered family will invade our TV screens.  The Powells were your average family, until a strange accident brought them together in  a way they could never imagine.  Now, they find they’ve got strange new […]

Marc Guggenheim on RESURRECTION

GUGGENHEIM TALKS RESURRECTION by Zack Smith Imagine that one day, aliens invaded Earth. Nicknamed “The Bugs,” they easily beat back our military forces. For 10 years, our world lived under their occupation. Then, one day, they just left. Now, in the aftermath of an alien invasion, a disparate group of characters are faced with one […]

Things I Have Written Recently

This is the first post of my new work blog.  More pages, with graphics and my resume and various old writings will be up late.  Here are links to some of my most recent articles: Newsarama: Nick Bertozzi on THE SALON and HOUDINI: THE HANDCUFF KING Jeffrey Brown on THE INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS Harlan Ellison on […]