EVERY SINGLE Pop Candy USATODAY.com Post from My Second Week!

Hey guys — just had a great week subbing again for Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy!  Here’s all the posts I did in once easy-to-find place, day by day! Monday: Early Buzz! Special Guest Essay by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Charles Brownstein! Gift Suggestions from Mondo’s Justin Ishmael, The Four Horsemen, and Mark […]

Glen David Gold on Janus Films’ Charlie Chaplin Retrospective

Even if you’ve never seen a Charlie Chaplin film, you know the figure of the Little Tramp, with his bowler hat, loose-fitting clothes, cane and, of course, that mustache. But that’s only a portion of his body of work—and if you’ve never experienced a Chaplin film before, or only seen them on TV or video, […]

Glen David Gold on SUNNYSIDE, Part 2

Comics For “Sunnyside” Novelist, Comics and Kirby are GOLD By Zack Smith   Our two-part interview with novelist Glen David Gold (Carter Beats the Devil, Sunnyside) concludes today. Part one can be found by clicking here. In this installment, Gold talks about his love of comics and comic collecting, including his favorite creators, arranging a […]

Glen David Gold on SUNNYSIDE, Part One

By Zack Smith Author Glen David Gold is a respected name in literary circles…and a hardcore comic book fan.  His two novels, Carter Beats the Devil and Sunnyside, combine historical figures and settings with fictionalized circumstances that combine emotional moments and characterization with pieces of humor, action and some very obscure pieces of trivia. Gold […]

Book Review: SUNNYSIDE by Glen David Gold

by Zack Smith  Reprinted from the Independent Weekly Sunnyside by Glen David Gold Alfred A. Knopf, 559 pp. Glen David Gold’s first novel, Carter Beats the Devil, was a marvelously over-the-top historical fiction that by the time you were finished with it, had educated you thoroughly in the workings of stage magicians, the Secret Service, […]