My Best Articles Catch-Up Compilation

My continuing tendency to get distracted and work on things not posted online means that I haven’t updated in a spell. Let’s rectify that with some of the better articles I’ve done over the last couple of months. As I’m posting this on Halloween, here’s an article I wrote about some crazy haunted house events […]

Best Articles of 2013 Compilation

Here are the most best things I wrote this past year.  I think this averages out to one great piece per week.  I am pleased by this. COMIC BOOKS The Strange History of Marvel Comics’ ULTIMATE ADVENTURES with Hawk-Owl and Woody Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy, Pt.1 Milligan and McCarthy, Pt.2 Jeffrey Brown on VADER’S […]


Check these out as part of a “What Our Writers are Reading” holiday feature — and maybe find some gift ideas! Read the reviews here!

Mort Walker and Jerry Dumas on SAM’S STRIP

  Imagine a comic strip where anyone could show up – where Blondie might stroll through, or Prince Valiant might charge through on his mighty steed. Imagine a strip where all artistic styles co-existed, produced without the aid of cut-and-paste or Photoshop. Now imagine that strip existed almost 50 years ago…and people didn’t get it. […]


Unappreciated Genius: Craig Yoe on Boody Rogers By Zack Smith The last few years have seen an unearthing of many of the strange, unusual and downright craziest creators in comics history. But this March, one of the craziest will be unleashed on the world again withBoody: The Bizarre Comics of Boody Rogers, published by Fantagraphics. […]

Greg Sadowski on SUPERMEN!

Turning the Clock Back – Greg Sadowski on Supermen! By Zack Smith   The late 1930s and early 1940s gave rise to dozens of legendary heroes who are still around today, including Superman, Batman, Captain America and the Spirit. And then…there were the rest. Greg Sadowski, best-known as the author of the award-winning retrospective on […]

Fletcher Hanks: The Ed Wood of Comics?

SDCC ’07: FLETCHER HANKS PANEL by Zack Smith For years, the work of Golden Age comic book creator Fletcher Hanks lingered in obscurity. That recently changed with the release of Fantagraphics’ I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets: The Comics of Fletcher Hanks by Paul Karasik, which has introduced such surreal, vengeful characters as Stardust […]