Scott Christian Sava on His All-Ages Comics

Scott Sava: King of the All Ages Comic Books By Zack Smith   All-ages comics are enjoying a renaissance these last few years, with lines such as Marvel Adventures, Johnny DC, and Boom!’s Disney/Pixar books. But Scott Christian Sava might well be the hardest-working man in all-ages comics. Sava, best-known as the mastermind of the […]


Scott Sava – Taking a Dreamland Chronicles Tour By Zack Smith posted: 2008-08-01 10:33:00 ET   Scott Sava is living his comics dream…literally. His daily webcomic, The Dreamland Chronicles, has been an enormous online success, with an estimated 6,000,000 readers worldwide and 100,000 hits on the daily site. Now, it’s getting a major direct market […]