Best Articles of 2013 Compilation

Here are the most best things I wrote this past year.  I think this averages out to one great piece per week.  I am pleased by this. COMIC BOOKS The Strange History of Marvel Comics’ ULTIMATE ADVENTURES with Hawk-Owl and Woody Peter Milligan and Brendan McCarthy, Pt.1 Milligan and McCarthy, Pt.2 Jeffrey Brown on VADER’S […]

Dark Horse Reprints HERBIE!

SHAWNA GORE ON DARK HORSE’S HERBIE COLLECTIONS by Zack Smith Once in a while, we at Newsarama are privileged to report on the return of a legend. This is one of those times. Tony Isabella declared him “the greatest character of all time.” Bob Burden teamed him up with the Flaming Carrot. Dan Nadel declared […]

Things I Have Written Recently

This is the first post of my new work blog.  More pages, with graphics and my resume and various old writings will be up late.  Here are links to some of my most recent articles: Newsarama: Nick Bertozzi on THE SALON and HOUDINI: THE HANDCUFF KING Jeffrey Brown on THE INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS Harlan Ellison on […]