CHILDREN’S BOOKS: Some Weird Picture Books That Are My Favorites.

Happy New Year! ¬†Thought I would get a few recommendations down as I got back to work. These are some picture books that are so weird and wonderful and crazy that adults can enjoy them as well. ¬†There’s tons of books like these out there, but these are a few of my favorites. First, a […]

Children’s Books/Obscure Toys Post: THE IRON GIANT/THE IRON MAN

Combining a couple of my obsessions for an explanatory post… Was at a bookstore tonight and saw they had a new edition of the book THE IRON GIANT by Ted Hughes. Doesn’t look a whole lot like Brad Bird’s amazing animated movie from 1999, does it? Gather round children, I’ll explain this to the best […]

ORIGINAL POST: Uncomfortable Racism in Children’s Stories

Had such a good reception to the blogs about obscure toys that I’m going to try some more original pieces on a few of my other passions, and see if this leads anywhere. The first series is going to be about children’s books, and I want to do a few posts going over some of […]