Stephen Christy on Archaia’s Free Comic Book Day with Mouse Guard, The Dark Crystal and More

This year’s Free Comic Book Day features a wide variety of books for your no-cost perusal, and companies are pulling out all the stops to rope in new readers and keep existing fans excited. One of these is the new flip book from Archaia, Mouse Guard/The Dark Crystal, which features an all-new story from David […]


Our three-part interview with Return of the Dapper Men‘s Jim McCann and Janet Lee concludes today, with the creators telling us of their hopes for a Dapper Men film and whether the Dapper Men will return again. Read the full interview here!

Jim McCann and Janet Lee on RETURN OF THE DAPPER MEN, Part 1

You’ve heard it before: “This book isn’t like anything else out there.” Well, this time it’s true. Archaia’s Return of the Dapper Men is one of the year’s most unique graphic novels – something that doesn’t look or read like any other comic you’ve seen this year…or maybe ever. This “steampunk fairy tale,” set in […]