Other Writings

Pop Candy

I’ve periodically done guest-blogs for the USA TODAY pop-cultural blog, including two weeks as the main blogger in 2012.

Here are some of my best pieces.

Pop Candy Podcast: Y The Last Man Discussion with Creator Brian K. Vaughan

Weird ’80s Kids’ Flicks

John Hodgman Talks the Legion of Super-Heroes

Great Halloween Specials You Can Watch Online

An Amazing Collection of Classic Movie Ads

Epic Games, The Four Horsemen and Mondo Offer Gift Suggestions 

Talking TV with Alan Sepinwall

How DVD Special Features Are Made

GET A LIFE Creator David Mirkin

Collecting Comic Art with “Carter Beats the Devil” Author Glen David Gold

REGULAR SHOW Creator JG Quintel’s Favorite 1980s Memories

ADVENTURE TIME Creator Pendleton Ward on the 1980s

The Writers of TV’s SUPERNATURAL Reveal What Scares Them

How to Write a Comic Book

Turner Classic Movies’ Robert Osborne on His Favorite Holiday FIlms

First Person Videos of Classic (and Discontinued) Amusement Park Rides

Comic Books

I wrote stories that appeared in KaBOOM!’s REGULAR SHOW and ADVENTURE TIME comics, based on the Emmy-winning Cartoon Network series.

Here’s where you can read a preview of my REGULAR SHOW story, “Sombrero World”

Regular Show #3 Preview

Here’s an interview I did for Pop Candy

And an interview I did for my local paper about the story

You can buy an e-copy of the issue for $1.99 here on Comixology.

I also have a backup story that is serialized in ADVENTURE TIME #20 and #21.

Here is issue #20 on Comixology.

And as mentioned elsewhere on the site, I did the one-shot comic THE STARS BELOW, an all-ages story about a pigeon.

It is just 99 cents here on Comixology.

Here is an interview I did about the book.

And a podcast where I talk about it.

Boing Boing Links

I’ve frequently contributed links to Corey Doctorow’s award-winning blog, and occasionally had my own work featured there.  Here’s a few links I’ve had on the site, to give an idea of my range of interests:

LOST Writers’ Guide

V.I.N.Cent Robot from THE BLACK HOLE for Sale

Asbestos-Bound First Edition of Ray Bradbury’s FAHRENHEIT 451 

Classic Print “The Land of Make Believe” Available Again

Lost Children’s Book SUZUKI BEANE Now Online

Charles Ponstingl’s Comic Strip Carvings

In-Depth Kim Stanley Robinson Interview

Short film of J.G. Ballard’s CRASH

Triangle Business Journal

I’ve worked as a freelancer for the award-winning publication since 2004, doing profiles and news pieces on local business and health issues. While not all of my pieces are online, here are some of my best.

Philip Awadalla’s Malara Research at NCSU

Dr. Timothy Barlow

Blount Street Commons Project

Michael and Laura Brader-Araje

Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Construction at NCSU and UNC

Costs of Cancer Care

Duke ALS Clinic

Engineering Jobs for Recent College Graduates in the Triangle

David Goldstein, Duke Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy

Increased Stress Health Concerns for Women

Larry D. Keith of UNC Profile

Scott MacLeod of Skanska Profile

International Partnerships at NCSU, Duke and UNC

Paul Nagy, Duke University Medical Center

Maura Silverman, WakeMed Health & Hospitals

Martin Tornai, Duke University Medical Center

Wake County Public-Private School Partnerships

David Yoder, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine

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