Why Aaron Sorkin Should Adapt THE POLITICIAN

Forget Newsroom. Aaron Sorkin should go back to politics This is an interesting moment for the playwright and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. After months in limbo, his HBO series The Newsroom was just renewed for a third and final season. This should excite hardcore Newsroom fans, but there’s another opportunity we’d like to see him pursue—his long-promised adaptation of Andrew Young’s […]

MIAMI CONNECTION: All 230+ Things I Love About this FIlm

WRITTEN OVER THE COURSE OF SIX DAYS BETWEEN INTERVIEWS, ARTICLES AND TWO CLASS LECTURES Over the past year, few things have brought me as much joy as the re-released 1987 lost martial arts rock classic, MIAMI CONNECTION. If you have not watched this masterpiece yet, it is on Netflix Instant for free.  To whet your […]

Best Art from My ADVENTURE TIME Collection!

As anyone who knows me knows, I’m sort of a sociopathic fan of Cartoon Network’s series ADVENTURE TIME.  It represents something truly imaginative, inventive and spontaneous — not to mention fun! Having recently gotten to do AN ACTUAL ADVENTURE TIME STORY for issue #20 of the KaBOOM! ADVENTURE TIME comic (order it here!) , I […]


The first season of NBC’s Hannibal, the adaptation/reimagining of the classic cannibal created by Thomas Harris for Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs and other novels, is out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week. As it happens, I did some Hannibal press stuff at San Diego Comic-Con for a website that promptly decided not to employ me any more a week […]

My REGULAR SHOW Comic, “Sombrero World,” is Out This Week! SCRIPT WITH COMMENTARY!

And now for a special presentation! This Wednesday, August 28, sees the release of REGULAR SHOW #3 from KaBOOM!.  It is the first comic I have written that has appeared in a hard-copy form that you can buy in comic book stores and have to pay money to get. STREET CRED, yo. Well, I only […]

Things I Wrote in May and June!

Realized I hadn’t done a compilation of all the stuff I’d had posted in a while.  Here’s a quick gathering. INDY WEEK: Mitch O’Connell Interview Comic Book Events in the Triangle In-Depth Look at Television Production in North Carolina with UNDER THE DOME, BANSHEE, HOMELAND and More NEWSARAMA: Micahel Kaluta on STARSTRUCK Graham Nolan on […]