Collection of Published Articles for 2013, Pt.2

As I’ve had some articles published all over the place recently, figured it was time to start a new compilation post. Very Sad: Beloved local used bookstore Nice Price Books is closing, and I talked to them and several other used bookstores to get the reasons why. Here’s an interview I did with reporter Jonathan M. […]

Collection of Published Articles for 2013, Pt.1

UPDATED: This is going to be a repository for links to my published stuff for a bit. I haven’t been posting about toys because I got a paying gig blogging about them for MTV Geek!  Here’s my first few posts: Power Lords Return Django Unchained Toys Pulled from Shelves Django Unchained Toys Now Banned on […]

Things I Did in 2012 That Which Were Cool

Here are some things I wrote and things I did in 2012 that I thought were kind of cool and possibly of interest to people In January, I wrote some more offbeat pieces, such as an interview with literary novelist Michael Malone about his time writing the daytime soap ONE LIFE TO LIVE as that […]

ORIGINAL POST: Jan Pienkowski’s Amazing Picture Book Illustrations

I wanted to do a few original posts about children’s books I liked. This one is about a great author and illustrator whose work I discovered just a few years ago, Jan Pienkowski. I found out about Pienkowski’s stuff when I picked up a copy of his pop-up book ROBOT at a used bookstore a […]

EVERY SINGLE Pop Candy Post from My Second Week!

Hey guys — just had a great week subbing again for Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy!  Here’s all the posts I did in once easy-to-find place, day by day! Monday: Early Buzz! Special Guest Essay by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Charles Brownstein! Gift Suggestions from Mondo’s Justin Ishmael, The Four Horsemen, and Mark […]

Every Single Pop Candy Guest Piece!

Good news!  I’ve been asked back to guest at Pop Candy again for the week of Nov.26!  For convenience’s (and self-promotion’s) sake, here’s a post grouping all my posts for last week into one big turbo-post. Monday Guest-blogging introduction! Early Buzz! Jeffrey Brown Guest Logo! First-Person Videos of Discontinued Amuesment Park Rides from Disney World, […]

Pop Candy Posts for Thursday!

Here’s the next-to-last batch of my Pop Candy posts — I’ll do another post after this with Friday, and then one with every single post compiled. THURSDAY, NOV.1 Post-Halloween Early Buzz! Special guest logo from OWLY’s Andy Runton! Help Save Children’s Bookstore Books of Wonder! An interview with Daniel Benedict, winner of the “Create a […]

Pop Candy Posts for Wednesday!

Hey readers, here’s my Pop Candy pieces for Wednesday — there were a lot of ’em! Early Buzz! Guest Logo by SAGA Artist Fiona Staples! (the version came out a little cropped, click on the thumbnail above for the full version) Crazy Halloween Specials — and Where to Watch Them Online! The Writers of TV’s SUPERNATURAL […]