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I haven’t been posting about toys because I got a paying gig blogging about them for MTV Geek!  Here’s my first few posts:

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Did a piece recapping one of my favorite 1990s comics, QUANTUM AND WOODY.

I also did a two-part talk with James Kochalka on the end of his web journal AMERICAN ELF and on his web cartoon SUPERF*CKERS.



For ADVENTURE TIME fans — here’s Danielle Corsetto talking the new GN focusing on Flame Princess!

Dreama Walker in Compliance

Did an interview with Craig Zobel, director of the ultra-creepy indy film COMPLIANCE!

I also did some reviews of the short films nominated for Oscars, including Disney’s PAPERMAN.

Ever After Hardcover Cover

Here’s a new interview I did with Kim Harrison on her novel series THE HOLLOWS!

New theater review: BUS STOP at Raleigh Little Theatre!

New theater review: Joe Brack’s one-man show MY PRINCESS BRIDE!

Golden Age Bakery's Fletcher Hanks cookies

And I’ve gotten a lot of response for this interview with the creator of Golden Age Bakery, which puts edible comic book panels on cookies!

I have a few more pieces should hopefully come out by the end of the month, and I’ve been working on some odd projects — including a couple of new comic book one-shots that should come out from MonkeyBrain by year’s end.  My artists are working on spec, so good stuff takes time!

Might try to get some more original posts done in the future.  I’ve had some good feedback on the children’s book pieces and want to do some more.


Future Vision: Looking Ahead at Comics with Junot Diaz

By Zack Smith

Our two-part talk with Pulitzer Prize-winner Junot Díaz concludes today. In this installment, Díaz discusses the relationship between comic books and other media, the Watchmen film, and the mysterious appeal of vampires.

Read the interview here!

Junot Diaz on Life After Oscar Wao and All Things Pop

By Zack Smith
posted: 07 April 2009 03:16 pm ET

The award-winning author talks about his latest tour, his favorite pieces of popular culture,  and more.

Part one of the interview is online now!

For an author held in high regard by virtually every serious literary establishment on the planet, talking with Junot Díaz is amazingly fun. Over the course of an interview to promote his appearance at Duke’s Richard White Lecture Hall Wednesday, Feb. 18, our conversation touched on everything from Mel Gibson’s plans to do a film of the British TV series Edge of Darkness (“Like Nimrod, the hunter of men, Gibson hunts and kills all my childhood memories”) to the zombie video game Left 4 Dead (“Men are from zombies, women are from vampires”) to the comic books and science fiction references that populate his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

Full Story Here


by Zack Smith

Neswarama: Junot, you mentioned several current books you enjoy – what are some others you read? It sounds like you have a pretty extensive monthly catalog.

Junot Díaz: I read as much as I can – I love the form.

Every now and then, a new Red Star issue arrives – I’m like, “Yahoo!” Powers is always hot. And I’ve got to admit, I’ve got an ill weakness – this will probably reveal me as the dumbass I am – I’ve always had an ill weakness for Fantastic Four. And I’ve always, always, always had a weakness for Captain Marvel and Green Lantern. So the whole new Sinestro Corps stuff is….I love that crap. You gotta love that stuff.

Full interview here.

by Zack SmithThe most acclaimed literary novel of the fall opens with a quote from…Galactus?Welcome to The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz.  It’s a novel that chronicles the life, times and family of Oscar de León, an overweight comics fan from a Dominican family growing up in the 1980s.  We conducucted an in-depth talk with this acclaimed writer on the influence of comics on his novel. 


 You can read the first of the two-part interview here.

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