My Best Pieces for Newsarama

I’ve been a regular contributor to the comics and pop culture site since September 2006.  Here are some of my favorite pieces for the site.

Grant Morrison on All Star Superman


This 10-Part Series was excerpted in the Absolute All Star Superman collection from DC Comics.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten


Alan Moore




I did two extended interviews with the creator of WATCHEMEN, V FOR VENDETTA and FROM HELL on two of his LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN miniseries at Top Shelf.  For these, I included segments where I brought in guest questions from other writers.

Century: 1910 Pt. 1

Century: 1910 Pt. 2

Century: 1910 Pt.3

Century: 1910 Pt. 4

Century: 1910 Pt. 5

Century: 1910 Pt. 6

Century: 1969 Pt. 1

Century: 1969 Pt. 2

Century: 1969 Pt. 3

Century: 1969 pt. 4


Wide World of Webcomics






I’ve interviewed many creators of online comics, ranging from veteran cartoonists to up-and-comers.  Here are some of my best pieces.

Ethan and Malachai Nicolle on AXE COP



Kate Beaton, Pt. 1

Kate Beaton, Pt. 2

Teen Cartoonist Emma Capps


James Kochalka on the End of AMERICAN ELF


Captain Marvel: The Series






For the character’s 70th Anniversary, I did a 10-part “oral history” of sorts of the character combining original interviews with Alex Ross, Mark Waid, Jeff Smith, Jerry Ordway, TV’s “Shazam!” star Jackson Bostwick, Mike Kunkel, Elliott Maggin, Roy Thomas, Michael Uslan and others.

Each of these also featured an original color illustration by a different artist, including Dean Haspiel, Nick Pitarra,  Matt Wagner and others, along with rare original artwork and illustrations.

The Fawcett Years, Pt. 1

The Fawcett Years, Pt. 2

The Fawcett Years, Pt. 3

The Lost Years, Pt. 1

The Lost Years, Pt. 2

The Lost Years, Pt. 3

The Shazam Years, Pt. 1

The Shazam Years, Pt. 2

The Shazam Years, Pt. 3

The New Beginning Years

The Modern Years, Pt. 1

The Modern Years, Pt. 2

The Future

ADDENDUM: Unseen Shazam


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