Best Interviews from August-October

Doing a clean-up and wanted to link some recent work.  I got to talk with some really brilliant people for a couple places.  My ego is inflated! A chat with BONE Creator Jeff Smith on his work and being a self-publisher in the 1990s Got to talk with Caldecott Winner David Wiesner on his new […]

Why I Heart Megatron: Yes, a Transformers Post

I’ve been helping out at Crowemag Toys in Raleigh recently, and that’s given me a new appreciation for the Transformers. The store deals in used toys, and the biggest seller, by far, are Transformers.  People pay HUNDREDS for “Generation One” stuff from the 1980s, fan-created “third party” figures, convention exclusives, and more. (As this place […]

Best Art from My ADVENTURE TIME Collection!

As anyone who knows me knows, I’m sort of a sociopathic fan of Cartoon Network’s series ADVENTURE TIME.  It represents something truly imaginative, inventive and spontaneous — not to mention fun! Having recently gotten to do AN ACTUAL ADVENTURE TIME STORY for issue #20 of the KaBOOM! ADVENTURE TIME comic (order it here!) , I […]


The first season of NBC’s Hannibal, the adaptation/reimagining of the classic cannibal created by Thomas Harris for Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs and other novels, is out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week. As it happens, I did some Hannibal press stuff at San Diego Comic-Con for a website that promptly decided not to employ me any more a week […]

More Weird Children’s Books: The Mushroom Planet, Suzuki Beane, Chicken Trek and More!

I have been writing this post since the end of March — yet another look at some odd children’s books I read in my youth, or that I’ve found out about more recently. I’ve just been pasting info/covers in here once in a while, so here’s the final post.  It’s not hugely long. The Wonderful […]

“Mathnet,” A Guy in a Monkey Suit, and Blackhawk: HOW THEY ALL CONNECT.

One of the shows I religiously watched growing up in the 1980s was SQUARE ONE TV, a math variation on SESAME STREET on PBS. I probably learned more about math from that than I did in actual class. My favorite segment was “Mathnet” a DRAGNET parody involving math.  I actually saw this before I saw […]

My REGULAR SHOW Comic, “Sombrero World,” is Out This Week! SCRIPT WITH COMMENTARY!

And now for a special presentation! This Wednesday, August 28, sees the release of REGULAR SHOW #3 from KaBOOM!.  It is the first comic I have written that has appeared in a hard-copy form that you can buy in comic book stores and have to pay money to get. STREET CRED, yo. Well, I only […]

Things I Wrote in May and June!

Realized I hadn’t done a compilation of all the stuff I’d had posted in a while.  Here’s a quick gathering. INDY WEEK: Mitch O’Connell Interview Comic Book Events in the Triangle In-Depth Look at Television Production in North Carolina with UNDER THE DOME, BANSHEE, HOMELAND and More NEWSARAMA: Micahel Kaluta on STARSTRUCK Graham Nolan on […]