MIAMI CONNECTION: All 230+ Things I Love About this FIlm

WRITTEN OVER THE COURSE OF SIX DAYS BETWEEN INTERVIEWS, ARTICLES AND TWO CLASS LECTURES Over the past year, few things have brought me as much joy as the re-released 1987 lost martial arts rock classic, MIAMI CONNECTION. If you have not watched this masterpiece yet, it is on Netflix Instant for free.  To whet your […]

Best Interviews from August-October

Doing a clean-up and wanted to link some recent work.  I got to talk with some really brilliant people for a couple places.  My ego is inflated! A chat with BONE Creator Jeff Smith on his work and being a self-publisher in the 1990s Got to talk with Caldecott Winner David Wiesner on his new […]

Why I Heart Megatron: Yes, a Transformers Post

I’ve been helping out at Crowemag Toys in Raleigh recently, and that’s given me a new appreciation for the Transformers. The store deals in used toys, and the biggest seller, by far, are Transformers.  People pay HUNDREDS for “Generation One” stuff from the 1980s, fan-created “third party” figures, convention exclusives, and more. (As this place […]