Ladies Love James

My last Early Buzz, super-sized as I go out in a BLAZE OF GLORY!

Pop Candy by Bone's Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith of BONE fame does a special Pop Candy guest logo!


I talk to Jim Carl of the Carolina Theatre of Durham about his amazing collection of classic movie ads!

Shout! Factory presents 'All in the Family'

Shout! Factory DVD Producer Brian Blum talks how they put their DVD sets together and make special features!

'Get A Life' Complete Series

Simpsons Writer David Mirkin talks Co-Creating GET A LIFE with Chris Elliott and More!

Patton Oswalt, Halloween Ready

Super-Sized Post with Patton Oswalt, Jodi Picoult, Brad Meltzer, Kate DiCamillo and more recommending children’s books for new mother Whitney Matheson!

'The Stars Below' by Zack Smith

And finally, my goodbye with more shilling for my comic THE STARS BELOW!