Hey readers, here’s my Pop Candy pieces for Wednesday — there were a lot of ’em!

Early Buzz!

Guest Logo by SAGA Artist Fiona Staples! (the version came out a little cropped, click on the thumbnail above for the full version)

Crazy Halloween Specials — and Where to Watch Them Online!

The Writers of TV’s SUPERNATURAL Tell Us What Scares THEM!

JG Quintel, Creator of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show, Shares his 1980s Love!

Joshua Glenn of the blog HILOBROW and author of UNBORED, tells us about the Matthew Looney books and shares a NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN picture by legendary cartoonist GAHAN WILSON!


On Newsarama, I talked to Scott Snyder, Joe Hill, Paul Pope, Evan Dorkin, Fred Van Lente, UNDERWORLD Creator Kevin Grevioux and DRIVE ANGRY screenwriter Todd Farmer about the scariest comics ever!

EDIT: EXTRA BONUS: I talked to Mark Bowden, the author of BLACK HAWK DOWN, on his new book THE FINISH: THE KILLING OF OSAMA BIN LADEN!

EDIT: DOUBLE EXTRA BONUS: I interviewed Glyn Dillon of the acclaimed graphic novel THE NAO OF BROWN!

All this and I had my first comic published, which I’ll blog about later!  Enjoy guys!