October 2012


Hey readers, here’s my Pop Candy pieces for Wednesday — there were a lot of ’em!

Early Buzz!

Guest Logo by SAGA Artist Fiona Staples! (the version came out a little cropped, click on the thumbnail above for the full version)

Crazy Halloween Specials — and Where to Watch Them Online!

The Writers of TV’s SUPERNATURAL Tell Us What Scares THEM!

JG Quintel, Creator of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show, Shares his 1980s Love!

Joshua Glenn of the blog HILOBROW and author of UNBORED, tells us about the Matthew Looney books and shares a NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN picture by legendary cartoonist GAHAN WILSON!


On Newsarama, I talked to Scott Snyder, Joe Hill, Paul Pope, Evan Dorkin, Fred Van Lente, UNDERWORLD Creator Kevin Grevioux and DRIVE ANGRY screenwriter Todd Farmer about the scariest comics ever!

EDIT: EXTRA BONUS: I talked to Mark Bowden, the author of BLACK HAWK DOWN, on his new book THE FINISH: THE KILLING OF OSAMA BIN LADEN!

EDIT: DOUBLE EXTRA BONUS: I interviewed Glyn Dillon of the acclaimed graphic novel THE NAO OF BROWN!

All this and I had my first comic published, which I’ll blog about later!  Enjoy guys!


Hey there — some people have mailed me to say they’ve had trouble finding the Pop Candy posts, because some get posted further down the page.  To help, here’s everything I’ve posted Monday and Tuesday in chronological order!



Early Buzz!

Monday Guest Logo: Pop Candy Baby by Jeffrey Brown!

Reminiscences and First-Person Videos of Old Amusement Park Rides!

Interview with Kirby Heyborne  and Julia Whelan, Voice Actors on the Audiobook of Gillian Flynn’s GONE GIRL!


Early Buzz!

Tuesday Guest Logo: Whitney Matheson Portrait by Lucy Knisley!

John Hodgman on his love of the Legion of Super-Heroes!

Jeffrey Brown on SMALL IN THE SADDLE, a favorite children’s book he rediscovered as an adult!

Yes, a new post!  I’ve been up to a lot, and haven’t been cataloging articles very much.  But the site’s about to get a lot of hits, and I want to make sure my best work is available…

I recently interviewed ERAGON author Christopher Paolini.

Talked with Hugo and Nebula winner Kij Johnson, an NCSU graduate, about returning to town with her new short story collection!

Discussed PEARLS BEFORE SWINE with the strip’s creator, Stephan Pastis!

Jawed with Emma Straub about LAURA LAMONT”S LIFE IN PICTURES

Expressed my deep and abiding love for GET A LIFE with Chris Elliott, now on DVD at long last

Did a hypnotically awesome interview with The Amazing Kreskin

Talked Steampunk with BONESHAKER author Cherie Priest

Looked at some series that might represent the best way to get into Japanese anime

Chatted with Ira Glass when he came to town

Talked to former MST3K/Current Cinematic Titanic funnyman Trace Beaulieu and Kevin Smith’s muse/Mewes, Jason “Jay” Mewes

Did a look at the many weird media adaptations of Spider-Man

Talked to Chris Ware about his new book (or is it?) BUILDING STORIES

Did a two-part talk with the creators of Batman villain Bane as THE DARK KNIGHT RISES came out

Did many webcomic interviews; one of my favorites was this one with Karl Kerschl of THE ABOMINABLE CHARLES CHRISTOPHER

I looked at some of the weirdest characters in DC Comics’ old book DIAL H FOR HERO, now revived by China Mieville

And I also looked at Gimmick Comic Book Covers of the 1990s.

Did a two-part look at the end of IRREDEEMABLE with Mark Waid

There were lots of other pieces, but these were the best!  Check ’em out, along with the other stuff on my site!