Pop Candy Posts for Wednesday!

Hey readers, here’s my Pop Candy pieces for Wednesday — there were a lot of ’em! Early Buzz! Guest Logo by SAGA Artist Fiona Staples! (the version came out a little cropped, click on the thumbnail above for the full version) Crazy Halloween Specials — and Where to Watch Them Online! The Writers of TV’s SUPERNATURAL […]

Pop Candy Posts for Monday and Tuesday in Order

Hey there — some people have mailed me to say they’ve had trouble finding the Pop Candy posts, because some get posted further down the page.  To help, here’s everything I’ve posted Monday and Tuesday in chronological order! MONDAY: Introduction! Early Buzz! Monday Guest Logo: Pop Candy Baby by Jeffrey Brown! Reminiscences and First-Person Videos […]

My Best Recent Stuff

Yes, a new post!  I’ve been up to a lot, and haven’t been cataloging articles very much.  But the site’s about to get a lot of hits, and I want to make sure my best work is available… I recently interviewed ERAGON author Christopher Paolini. Talked with Hugo and Nebula winner Kij Johnson, an NCSU […]