His first novel, The Family Fang (Ecco, $23.99) only been out for a few weeks, but Kevin Wilson is already making waves as an author.  The book’s received rave reviews, including a full page in Time magazine and a profile of the author in the New York Times, and has appeared on that paper’s bestseller list.

The strange, tragic and very funny tale of two siblings coming to terms with being part of their parents’ performance art experiments as children (from the boy infliltrating a beauty pageant in a dress to the parents staging a mock failed proposal on an airplane), Fang is a personal story for Wilson, though not in the way you’d think. On the phone from his home in Sewanee, Tenn., the soft-spoken Wilson, who appears at Quail Ridge Books & Music tonight at 7:30, answered our questions about the book’s roots—and why his own childhood wasn’t like the Fangs’.

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