Newsarama readers, we would like to warn you – no matter who you are, this next interview is going to make you feel terribly, terribly inadequate.

Emma Capps is a relatively new entry to the world of online comics, but she’s already earned high praise from the likes of Scholastic Books and Scott McCloud – and she hasn’t even started high school yet.

The 14-year-old is the creator of Chapel Chronicles, a lighthearted series of strips, greeting cards and more featuring the zany, hat-loving 11-year-old Chapel Smith. Whether it’s dealing with a babysitter, cleaning her room or discovering an unexpected love of current pop music, Chapel’s adventures are, well, adorable.

We arranged a conversation with Capps through her parents, shortly before she went to NYC to received a gold medal from Scholastic for her short comic Jam Days. On the phone, she was more articulate and enthusiastic than most cartoonists twice her age – and, as you’re read, just as ambitious. Just imagine what she’ll be able to do when she’s old enough to drive.

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