Webcomics: Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover on GINGERBREAD GIRL

Annah Billips may or may not have a sister named Ginger, who may or may not have once been part of Annah’s brain until she was removed by Annah’s dad, who may or may not be a mad scientist. For that matter, Annah may or may not be crazy. What’s the truth? Find out for […]

Webcomics: Mike Norton on BATTLEPUG

  “In the world of Battlepug, a hot tattooed naked chick narrates to a couple of talking puppies epic story of a brave warrior, whose rise to power involves the slaughter of Santa Claus and a harp seal (in fairness, both had it coming). His path will lead him to a giant, drooling pug dog. […]


Despite a few flickers of promise, Green Lantern burns out Posted by Zack Smith on Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 2:35 PM Warner Bros Green Lantern Two stars Opens today everywhere Warner Brothers, which owns DC Comics, has a problem. They own 75 years’ worth of DC Comics characters, but only Superman and Batman have […]


The Dixie Swim Club at NCSU’s “Southern Comfort”-themed Theatrefest 2011 // Write to the editor The Dixie Swim Club Theatrefest 2011 at University Theatre, NCSU Through June 12 Your enjoyment of The Dixie Swim Club, the first entry in N.C. State University’s “Southern Comfort”-themed Theatrefest 2011, will depend on how many times you’ve seen this […]