June 2011

Annah Billips may or may not have a sister named Ginger, who may or may not have once been part of Annah’s brain until she was removed by Annah’s dad, who may or may not be a mad scientist. For that matter, Annah may or may not be crazy.

What’s the truth? Find out for yourself as you’re guided through Annah’s life by a host of narrators, from Annah herself to friends, passers-by, and the occasional animal. It’s the oddball tale of Gingerbread Girl, that’s newly-available from Top Shelf Productions…or you can read the whole thing online.

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“In the world of Battlepug, a hot tattooed naked chick narrates to a couple of talking puppies epic story of a brave warrior, whose rise to power involves the slaughter of Santa Claus and a harp seal (in fairness, both had it coming). His path will lead him to a giant, drooling pug dog. Together, they will become the stuff of legend.”

If that doesn’t intrigue you, then there is no hope for you.

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From the streets of Portland comes a hilarious murder non-mystery with tons of bizarre characters.

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The co-creator of the hit web series talks Sparks, Jagermonsters and more!

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Eric Powell’s The Goon is insane enough. But what happens when he invites Evan Dorkin, creator of Milk and Cheese and Beasts of Burden into his world?

Insanity, duh.

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Michael Frayn’s Noises Off is an excellent fit for Theatre in the Park, which has staged a number of farces with the energy level up to 11 in recent seasons. Frayn’s 1982 hit about the thoroughly inept staging of a play is an open ticket for actors to ham it up, and some inspired performances provide big laughs in the slightly overlong production.

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Despite a few flickers of promise, Green Lantern burns out

Posted by Zack Smith on Fri, Jun 17, 2011 at 2:35 PM

Green Lantern
Two stars
Opens today everywhere

Warner Brothers, which owns DC Comics, has a problem. They own 75 years’ worth of DC Comics characters, but only Superman and Batman have proved capable of headlining multimillion-dollar franchises in the past decade, while arch-rival Marvel Comics has figured out how to monetize the lesser-known-likes of Iron Man and Thor. Their solution to this, along with the inevitable demise of the Harry Potter franchise, is Green Lantern, an action figure-friendly fusion of Spider-Man and Star Wars that isn’t as dire as some early reviews have claimed, but suffers from a few too many cooks stirring the (pea-green) soup.

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