The good news is Judd Apatow can produce more than just films about overgrown man-children whining and cracking middle-school jokes. The bad news is that this vehicle for Saturday Night Live‘s Kristin Wiig (who co-wrote the script), merely transfers the whining and gross-out humor to the opposite sex. Wiig plays a broke and depressed ex-baker […]

Stephen Christy on Archaia’s Free Comic Book Day with Mouse Guard, The Dark Crystal and More

This year’s Free Comic Book Day features a wide variety of books for your no-cost perusal, and companies are pulling out all the stops to rope in new readers and keep existing fans excited. One of these is the new flip book from Archaia, Mouse Guard/The Dark Crystal, which features an all-new story from David […]


Forsooth, yon readers of Newsarama! A strange disturbance hath ripp’d the cosmos asunder! This July, there be a new compilation of the classic 1980s Thor run by Walter, Son of Simon…but not from Marvel! Yes, IDW, who doth chronicle the battles of the Warriors of Cybertron and yon 30 Days of Night, art publishing Walter […]

My Interview with Cybill Shepherd

The former MOONLIGHTING star was going to come to town to appear in HELLO, DOLLY, but had to drop out due to an injury — though I did get to talk to her first about her life and career. Read the full interview here!


In 1991, Duke Nukem blew video game fans away with the first in a series of increasingly-politically-incorrect shoot-em-ups that pitted the viewer against the likes of Octobrains, Pigcops, and the limits of good taste. Now he’s set to return in the long-delayed sequel Duke Nukem Forever which will come out this summer, really, honestly, we […]

Jon J Muth and Mo Willems on CITY DOG, COUNTRY FROG Pt.2

Our two-part talk with City Dog, Country Frog authors Mo Willems and Jon J Muth concludes today, with an in-depth discussion of what makes a comic a comic and a book a book, a long-lost comic project from Willems, and more. Read the full interview here!