THOR Review

Reprinted from yon Independent Weekly

Yon director Kenneth Branagh doth keep focus on characters in this adaptation of Marvel Comics’ long-running series of the God of Thunder, though its overstuff’d plot doth keep it from sitting alongside the likes of Iron Man and The Dark Knight in superhero film Valhalla. Chris Hemsworth of Star Trek doth portray yon hammer-wielding Odinson, whose hot-headed antics do see him exile’d from the glorious realm of Asgard by the All-Father (Anthony Hopkins, who toneth down yon mannerisms), to our mortal realm of Midgard, where he encountereth yon fair astrophysicist Natalie Portman and learneth humility to stop the machinations of the trickster Loki (Tom Hiddleston, whose layered antagonist stealeth with yon picture). Yea, this be a more female-appealing superhero picture than usual, as Hemsworth posseseth the build of a warrior but the charm of a sensitive soul, but some will say thee nay to yon contrivances involving Frost Giants,Odin’s Destroyer, the Rainbow Bridge of Bifrost, the Odin-Sleep, the Casket of Ancient Winters and the Warriors Three, and that mentions not the teaser for yon Avengers film for those who doth sit through the long and out-of-place song by the Fighters of Foo after yon credits. Worry not, though, as this mostly maketh sense, and art more charming than many a would-be summer epic. Though yon Kat Dennings, who boasts a tongue most sharp as Portman’s sidekick, needeth more to do when the gods of studios decree that yon sequel be forged. Also, careful when viewing yon “Real-D” version, which assaulteth the eyeballs like the Viking hordes themselves. Rated PG-13…eth.

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Zack Smith is a writer and journalist. He has written for such web sites and publications as, the Independent Weekly of Durham NC, Triangle Business Journal, Comic Book Resources and the Lynchburg News and Advance. He has a Master's in Journalism from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, and a degree in English with minors in Film Studies and Creative Writing from NC State University. He also writes children's books.

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