In 1991, Duke Nukem blew video game fans away with the first in a series of increasingly-politically-incorrect shoot-em-ups that pitted the viewer against the likes of Octobrains, Pigcops, and the limits of good taste. Now he’s set to return in the long-delayed sequel Duke Nukem Forever which will come out this summer, really, honestly, we mean it this time. On an unrelated note, so will the latest George R.R. Martin novel. The end times might be upon us.

What better way to celebrate Duke’s return than with a comic book? Sure enough, IDW is on the case with Duke Nukem: Glorious Bastard a four-issue miniseries with 400 issues worth of violence from the team of writer Tom Waltz and artist Xermanico and variant covers by John K. Snyder; the creative team will also be doing a one-shot Duke Nukem Forever comic packaged with the video game. With all this hardcore Duke action, we got up with Waltz to get to the bottom of this book. As it happens, here is a writer who takes his source material very seriously…

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