March 2011

A look at a book that chronicles the history of a classic comic strip…that never existed.

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Giacomo Puccini’s classic opera Madame Butterfly ends with the title character’s lover, the naval officer Pinkerton, agreeing to raise their child with his American wife. Quite a few interpretations of the story have been done since then, but Raleigh resident Angela Davis-Gardner’s fourth novel, Butterfly’s Child, is the first to ask, “What happened next?”

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Take a trip to the heart of Brooklyn with this hilarious and touching strip about life, love and weed.

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Fans of PAN’S LABYRITH will love this much-buzzed-about strip with an eerie storyline and moody, detailed art.

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We finally conclude our look at the weirdest relationships in comics, with special guest commentary by THUNDERBOLTS’ Jeff Parker and INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS’ Jeffrey Brown!

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In which we talk with the creator of the hit webcomic about life, love and a talking cactus named McPedro.

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The acclaimed creator talks about his hilarious parody of the robots in disguise.

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