Over the last several years, Lucy Knisley (www.lucyknisley.com) has earned a devoted following for her work in comics/illustration/music/puppets/animation…put bluntly, this is the definition of “multihyphenate.” In print, she’s earned widespread acclaim for such works as 2008’s travelogue French Milk, and she’s become more visible to superhero fans last year with her contributions to Girl Comics and I Am An Avenger at Marvel.

But Knisley’s most visible as a creator on the web, where she regularly updates her autobiographical comic Stop Paying Attention, along with various standalone cartoons and illustrations of everything from zombies to superheroes to Harry Potter, the last of which will be the subject of an upcoming comic from her this year. We talked with Knisley about her work, her life, and the unique advantages and challenges of a life online.

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