December 2010

Take a trip to the 1970s as Captain Marvel returns  to a changed world of comics.

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Joelle Jones of DR. HORRIBLE, Janet Evanovich’s TROUBLEMAKER and YOU HAVE KILLED ME does a stunning black-and-white piece as we look at how Captain Marvel lost the right to appear in a comic called “Captain Marvel,” and we learn the tragic fate of the girl who shared Mary Marvel’s name.  Also, a guy whose limbs could fall off.  It’s that kind of piece.

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The true story of Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer, Super Green Beret, and Casper the Friendly Ghost’s tie to the Spectre.

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We look at the years when Captain Marvel wasn’t being published…and discover how he still influenced comics in the  meantime.

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In one of the stranger pieces I wrote this year, I find myself at a “Soap Superstar Weekend” event with a bunch of CBS soap opera fans (ABC, I would have known mys stuff, or even if Stefano was there!).  For space reasons, this had to cut the bit where a cougar stole one hunk’s drinking straw.

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The Monster Society of Evil!  Black Adam!  Litigation!

It’s all here in the latest part of our oral history!  Read here!

Our trip through the 1940s continues as Captain Marvel gets joined by Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel!

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