November 2010

By Zack Smith, Newsarama Contributor
posted: 12 November 2010 10:27 am ET

Jeremy Bastian’s incredibly detailed pen-and-ink work for his book Cursed Pirate Girl has earned him a cult following over the past few years, garnering raves from the likes of Mike Mignola, My Chemical Romance/The Umbrella Academy’s Gerard Way, and The Venture Brothers’ Jackson Publick. 

Now new readers can see what all the hype was about with the new trade paperback collection of Cursed Pirate Girl, which comes out in which was printed through donations in a Kickstarter campaign that raised an unprecedented $36,000. 

Bastian, who appears at the NC ComicCon this weekend, talked about what it took to get the book together, the upcoming audio production of Cursed Pirate Girl starring Mirrormask’s Stephanie Leonidas, and what major DC character he’d love to do a story about in the future.

Since the launch of his Scholastic graphic novel series Amulet in 2008, Kazu Kibuishi has seen it become one of the most popular all-ages comics around.  The momentum continues with recently-released third volume, The Cloud Searchers, which literally takes our heroes to new heights…and new dangers.  Kibuishi, with whom we’ve discussed the previous Amulet installments here and here, gave us the scoop on the latest volume, along with plans for the future of the Flight anthologies he edits and contributes to as a creator.

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Our three-part interview with Return of the Dapper Men‘s Jim McCann and Janet Lee concludes today, with the creators telling us of their hopes for a Dapper Men film and whether the Dapper Men will return again.

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Part two of our in-depth interview with the creators of one of the year’s most unique and acclaimed grahic novels here!

You’ve heard it before: “This book isn’t like anything else out there.”

Well, this time it’s true.

Archaia’s Return of the Dapper Men is one of the year’s most unique graphic novels – something that doesn’t look or read like any other comic you’ve seen this year…or maybe ever. This “steampunk fairy tale,” set in a world of frozen time and extraordinary characters, has already earned such buzz as “a modern classic” from reviews, and even gotten fashion icon Tim Gunn from Project Runway to pen the introduction.

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