Kyle Camden was your average sixth-grader with a penchant for pranks until a plasma storm…changed him.  That same plasma storm brought a new figure to town – Mighty Mike, the new superhero.  But Kyle’s convinced Mighty Mike is up to no good, and he’s going to prove it even if he has to become an…Archvillain. […]


“The Rocky Horror Picture Show: If you’re not offended, you’re just not paying attention” —Slide projected before the film at the Rialto A full moon hangs over the Rialto Theater at 11:30 Friday night, as the long line forms. A total of 207 people will attend tonight’s show, some for the first time, some for […]

Karre Andrews on ALTITUDE and ASTONISHING X-MEN, Part 2

Our two-part interview with Astonishing X-Men artist Kaare Andrews on his feature film directorial debut, Altitude, concludes today with more exclusive behind-the-scenes art and Andrews thoughts on his…unique interpretation of Emma Frost. Read the full interview here!

Paul Dini on Cartoon Network’s TOWER PREP

Paul Dini is a name well-known to comic fans for his work in comics and animation, most prominently on Batman: The Animated Series and such DC books as Zatanna and Gotham City Sirens. But now, the four-time Emmy winner has launched his own show, and it’s…live action?! On Cartoon Network?! Hold on. You might like […]

Kate DiCamillo, Scott Westerfeld and Robin Priess Glasser Interviews!

Kate DiCamillo, Scott Westerfeld and Robin Preiss Glasser discuss their work  by Zack Smith There’s no such thing as Top Children’s Authors Week in the Triangle, but it would be easy to assume such an occasion was at hand. Three highly regarded authors of books for children and adolescents will be passing through the area […]


Since 1988, Bill Amend has chronicled the adventures of the never-aging-but-constantly-dysfunctional Fox family in the syndicated comic strip FoxTrot.  Whether it’s balding dad Roger, perfectionist mom Andy, would-be-jock Peter, would-be-diva Paige, or ultra-brain Jason, everyone either has a family member like one of the Foxes…or is one themselves.    Amend cut back doing the strip […]

Escapism Film Festival Recap

A tale (with video) of rewatching RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, WRATH OF KAHN, ROBOCOP and more on the big screen.  With video!