Dethklok. The most metal band ever. If you’ve heard either of their Dethalbums or watched Metalocalpyse on Adult Swim, then you know the raw power of such tracks as “Murmaider,” “Go Into the Water,” “Bloodrocuted,” “Thunderhorse” and more. In fact, by reading this opening paragraph, you’ve officially acknowledged the “Pain Waiver” that absolves us of any legal responsibility for violent injury, disfigurement or death you may experience from reading the following interview.

Having made everything metal from coffee to comedy to Christmas, Dethklok is poised to conquer comics with their new three-issue miniseries from Dark Horse, Dethklock Metalocalypse. Co-written by the team of creator Brendon Small, director/designer Jon Schnepp and Dark Horse’s Jeremy Barlow, this promises to be the single most brutal miniseries of the year, Siege and Cry for Justice be damned.

Jon Schnepp, who’s also doing covers for the book with The Goon’s Eric Powell, stopped by Newsarama to tell us about this new series, and to talk about the most metal comics of all time. You have been warned.

Read the full interview here…if you dare!