Aaron Renier has just made a big splash with his new pirate-themed graphic novel for all ages, The Unsinkable Walker Bean from First Second Publishing. In it, young Walker Bean must honor his beloved grandfather by facing his fears and returning a pearl skull to its proper place…but finds himself caught up with a band […]

Glen David Gold on Janus Films’ Charlie Chaplin Retrospective

Even if you’ve never seen a Charlie Chaplin film, you know the figure of the Little Tramp, with his bowler hat, loose-fitting clothes, cane and, of course, that mustache. But that’s only a portion of his body of work—and if you’ve never experienced a Chaplin film before, or only seen them on TV or video, […]

Mark Rahner on ROTTEN

Zombies, cowboys, and politics.  What more could you ask for? Moonstone’s Rotten has quickly earned a loyal following since it launched last year to raves from the likes of Ed Brubaker and Mark Waid.  In the old West, William Wade has been dragged out of retirement by the U.S. government – “stop-loss,” they call it […]

Escapism Film Festival: Behind the Scenes

If you grew up in the 1980s, and you’d like to see some of your favorite childhood films in their original 35 mm formats, this weekend might be your last chance. The Escapism Film Festival, which begins tonight at the Carolina Theatre, features a wide variety of genre films in 35mm prints. Of the 12 […]

Theater Review: LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS at NC Theatre

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS NC Theatre @Raleigh Memorial Auditorium Through Sept. 26   It’s rather odd how a retro-chic musical adapting a Roger Corman B-movie whose highlight is a giant man-eating plant puppet became a mainstay of musical theater. And yet, NC Theatre’s production Little Shop of Horrors proves the show remains as punchy and […]


Gamma radiation certainly doesn’t affect Bruce Banner’s paternal ability. Not only does the Incredible Hulk now have a sword-wielding rapidly-grown son named Skaar acting out, but there’s the matter of Hiro-Kala, the long-lost-also-fully-grown twin of Skaar, who happens to have the cosmic-shaking Old Power, took down the planet-eater Galactus, and recently wreaked havoc in the […]